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HomeJust in case you didn't get enough of the splash opening graphic.
About Us Brief biography of the Executive Producer, James 'JR' Tall.
Studio State of the Art equipment used at Jam'G Productions and photos of the studio.
Artists A list of past clients and current artists managed by Jam'G Productions.
KenishaJam'G is proud to feature this up and coming young star.
ParadiseJam'G is proud to feature Paradise and his Hip-Hop Jazz Funk spoken word CD.
OrderOrder Kenisha's CD "Believe in Yourself".
Contact Contact us by phone or email. Directions to the studio with a map.
Jam'G Wav 1Low bandwidth version of the original Jam'G wav (492kb).
Jam'G Wav 2High bandwidth version (best quality) of the original Jam'G wav (2,131kb).

Site Credits

Lorrie Hook, Platinum Promotions     Publicity, Promotions and Management.
Hello World Web DesignAnimated graphics and website design.
RosemaryGraphics for Kenisha's CD cover.
BradleyPhotography of Kenisha and the studio.
James 'JR' TallOriginal website music: "Jam'G wav".