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Kenisha's CD release party
Kenisha hangin with friends
Kenisha with her producer JR Tall
Kenisha Fisher
Born Jan.11,1979 in Oakland, CA
Kenisha on a sheepskin rug

Kenisha began singing at the age of seven, with her mother recognizing and encouraging her to pursue her passion for singing. Taking to music naturally was inspired by her famille's musical history... the foundation of Kenisha's musical roots.

Kenisha was later influenced by singer's Brandy and the late Aaliyah. Kenisha has had the honor of performing in local talent shows, Juneteenth festivals and black cowboy parades that came to town yearly. Performing live helped to enhance her already develop musical talents.

When Kenisha isn't singing or working she enjoys shopping for clothes, roller skating indoors and out, and going to concerts. Her athletic activities include gymnastics and aerobics. She also loves fashion design as well as reading and writing...she feels reading takes her away.

Kenisha is in love with Nelly and his music, but likes all types of music. She hopes and feels that the music she sings will have a little something for everyone. Her music is real so everyone should be able to relate to it.

Order Kenisha's CD 'Believe in Yourself' today

Order Kenisha's CD
"Believe in Yourself" today!

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Kenisha's CD Party