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On January 15, 2008 Jam'G Records released "Just (Because)" from producer, writer, musician Jam'G. "Just (Because)" is a blend of today's contemporary hip hop, soul and rap that may establish a new direction for hip hop music!

JamG Just Because

James "JR" Tall aka Jam'G, a longtime Bay Area guitarist says "the world needs this kind of music" is the genesis for this exceptional 12 tune CD.


A Chicago native Jam'G remembers the music of Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway, the Isley Brothers and later George Clinton and Prince as well as his grandfather a banjo player and his mother a gospel singer as being the spark that ignited the fire of music that became his life.

With inspiration as rich and diverse as those it's no wonder "Just (Because)" is such a dynamic, soulful and contemporary mix of music loaded with the San Francisco Bay area's best artists in supporting roles!


DedicationIf innovative, contemporary music is your thing, you'll love Jam'G's new funk track That P-Funk Thing, the pulsating bass of the club anthem Let's Party Tonight and the social message in the revolutionary rap/hip hop track Just (Because). Get ready to join the music work of Jam'G.