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Executive Producer, James 'JR' Tall
Executive Producer, James 'JR' Tall

As a member of a musical family, Jimmy started playing guitar when he was 8 years old under the guidance of George Lee Sr., a renowned instructor throughout Chicago. Jimmy loved performing. He performed in almost every talent show, concert and jazz band throughout his high school years. After high school Jimmy joined Operation Bread Basket, which was organized by Rev. Jesse Jackson. During that time, he performed throughout the Midwest with the Sounds of Soul and the jazz group Pure Mix.

Jimmy joined the US Navy after leaving Operation Bread Basket. While in the service of his country, he performed in a jazz quintet for Admiral Moore of the 6th Fleet and entertained servicemen stationed throughout the east coast. After his tour Jimmy settled down in Richmond, California.

He studied for two years under the guidance of Dan Boyle. Jimmy performed throughout the San Francisco Bay area with various artists such as Tim McClure, Kenny Franklin and The Reason Brothers. In 1987, Jimmy signed with Hollywood Artists Company as a songwriter where he created a series of soulful melodies.

In 1990, Jimmy opened his own production company: Jam'G Productions (Formally known as Jam'G Records). Finally, the Birth of Freedom! Jam'G Productions studio is situated in downtown Oakland, near Lake Merritt and has been successfully producing, engineering, composing, arranging and performing musical scores for artist on all levels. Jimmy is the musician's producer... understanding and encouraging the artist to perform at their optimal best.

Jam'G Productions Studio is committed to excellence, and truly believes in putting the artist first. We produce recording projects and network shows, as well as collaboration on videos.

We offer the industry standards of technology in the areas of:
  • digital recording
  • sequencing
  • mastering
  • transfers
We provide onsite information and counseling for artist in areas of:
  • copyrights
  • distributions laws
  • song publishing
  • mechanical licensing
  • release forms
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